About Us

Midwood Guitar Studio is located in the center of Plaza Midwood-Charlotte, NC. The building was built in 1946 by the Karras Family and is still currently owned by them today. Midwood Guitar Studio is only the third tenant in the history of the building. We hope to preserve and extend this historic legacy by our updated showroom that showcases the original splendor of the space.

Our company is built on long lasting customer and vendor relationships that we build by offering ‘Meet your Maker’ in-store clinics as well as educational clinics by our vendor endorsed artists. We support our local, vibrant music community in this way, as well as offering a full line of the ‘basics’ that every player needs. Are you curious about ordering a custom instrument? We can guide through the steps necessary to create the instrument of your dreams.

We will also offer consignment of high-end and vintage instruments and amps. We will thoroughly evaluate each instrument before we make a decision on consignment!

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Douglas Armstrong – Owner

Dan Hood – Manager

Dan Hood is a regional Emmy winning local musician, multi-instrumentalist, and guitarist that has been playing professionally for over 14 years. You can hear his music on several TV shows and on dozens of recordings by local musicians. Dan also performs regionally with the Blue Dogs, GalFriday Band, and SkateRink Jukebox, and many others. He knows tone, and the gear it takes to get the ‘sound in your head!’