Benson Amps

Midwood Guitar Studio is super excited to carry the truly handmade, unique guitar amps of Chris Benson with Benson Amps. Benson Amps are unique circuits that embody the idea of simplicity in form and design. The 1 watt VINNY is just fun and ‘cute’. So awesome that we can’t keep any in stock for more than a few days. The 15watt Monarch is a perfect mix of British grit, with traditional tweed vibes but still sits in it’s own category. If you can get the volume control past 3, you won’t need an overdrive pedal, just the volume control on your guitar. The head is tube rectified and the combo is SS rectified for a slightly tighter feel. We are blown away by this amp! The Chimera is the ‘big brother’ amp at 30 watts, and would be the ultimate gigging amp with a variety of cabs.

We can’t leave out the bass players! The Gnostic bass head is a true ALL TUBE bass head that delivers plenty of power for club gigs, and would be fine for any stage where the PA does the heavy lifting.

Check out our demo of the Monarch head and 1×12 cab (Head is sold, cab still available)