Oldfield 6715

Oldfield Amps

Built here in Charlotte NC, Oldfield tube amps make some of the finest all tube amps in the business. EVERYTHING is hand wired, and hand crafted by Paul in his shop. Even the cabinets are covered in tolex by Paul himself. Each circuit gives a nod to a ‘traditional’ style amp, then veers into a different, and more usable direction. A prime example of that formula is the 6715. This amp is a British voiced, 15 watt EL84 amp with an EF86 in the pre-amp stage much like a vintage AC15. The similarities stop there. The addition of a multi-position Varitone switch allows the player to taylor the low and low-mid content to control how the amp breaks up, and to get the best sound in each and every room. The Master volume is very usable across the entire spectrum and allows you to get great overdriven tones at very reasonable, even quiet volumes. The effects loop allows you to place your time based effects and modulation after the pre-amp stage to fully take advantage of overdriven sounds of the amp.

Don’t really know what all that mumbo jumbo is about?? Be sure to listen to the demo on the product page, and contact us to schedule a test drive.