Midwood-Guitar-Studio-306-BerumenHandmade, one at a time in a one man shop in Austin Texas, Isaac Berumen even makes the small parts such as the back plates, pick guards and covers with original design elements. Made for players by a player, he has designed his guitars to be functional tools capable of a wide range of tones. They hearken back to a familiar shape and feel like an old world instrument. The neck construction, scarf joint, double headstock veneers, mortise and tenon joint, chambered body, super thin finish….these are all things that contribute to the tone of a Berumen guitar.

Midwood Guitar Studio is your one chance in Charlotte North Carolina to play one of these bad boys. You won’t know until you experience it in person. Stop by the shop and plug one in to one of our killer amps and hang on for dear life. You only live once, play a good guitar.

Our Berumen Guitars:

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