Larose Guitars at Midwood Guitar Studio - The East Coast's Exclusive DealerAsk a gigging musician who has been around the block a few times what they think of an old school 11 pound Les Paul and they will point to their back while muttering some choice words. Pick up a Larose hollowbody and you won’t believe the difference. Sporting some of the most breathtaking woodwork you will see on any guitar, Todd D’Agostino has managed to save your back and save your tone at the same time. These beautiful guitars are reminiscent of priceless classical instruments handed down from generation to generation, but they’ve got it where it counts. Plug one in at our showroom and you’ll see for yourself these pack more punch pound-for-pound than just about anything else.

Midwood Guitar Studio is the exclusive Larose dealer on the east coast, and that means if you want to take one for a test drive, you’ve got to come to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our Larose Guitars:

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