3rd Power Majestic 40 – Head and Dream 2×12 Cabinet (Stu G Signature Amp)


Feel free to message us if interested in buying separately.
Head – $2774
Dream 2X12 Cabinet (Gold/V30) – $1174

The Majestic 40 is a two-channel guitar/pedal-platform amplifier designed to the demanding specifications of Stuart Garrard AKA Stu G. from the band Delirious. The Majestic 40 receives some of it’s inspiration from Stu’s legendary 70’s Park combo amplifier. But like many vintage amplifiers, it got to the point where it had to be retired from road use so Stu approached Jamie Scott from 3rd Power to see if he could come up with a new amplifier that not only captured the spirit of the old Park, but would take it to a whole new level.

That’s exactly what Jamie did! What’s it sound like? Take a mid 60’s AC30 and layer it with the bass channel of a vintage 60’s Marshall with its’ big soundstage and full, clean and rich punchy delivery – combined, you land on a decidedly British sound that isn’t totally Marshall or Vox but somewhere in between… the perfect love-child of both ends of the classic British tones. Add in our Ambient-mode Reverb, HybridMASTER and Citizen-Loop and you’ve got one fantastic amplifier that will appeal to anyone creating giant sonic scapes to punchy British-infused rock n roll. The articulation and clarity are laser-guided accurate yet wonderfully warm and analog.

• Hand-built in Nashville, TN
• Two Blendable Channels
• Shared Tone Stack
• Ambient-mode Spring Reverb
• Patented HybridMASTER volume management technology
• Citizen-Loop
• Mercury Magnetics Transformers
• Duet of Mullard Reissue EL34 tubes (40 watts)
• Selectable Tube and Diode-based Rectification for vintage sag or tighter note definition