3rd Power Wooly Coats Extra Chimey 1×12 Combo w/ Gold – Fawn


The EXTRA CHIMEY is based on our popular Extra Spanky model tube guitar amplifier – but with a vintage “AC” flavor! We started with our EF86 driven AC preamp from the 3rd Power Dual Citizen amplifier and paired it up with a cathode-follower tone stack featuring Treble/Middle/Bass tone controls. We then took a fresh approach to designing a new output section powered by EL84 tubes. We wanted to capture the flavor, complete with chime and mid-range growl, and yet maintain the stability and low noise our amps are known for and keep things running as cool as possible. Instead of the higher heat dissipation of running EL84s in Class A, we opted for a more stable and efficient Class AB output. This increases the headroom and operating efficiency AND lowers the heat dissipated by the tubes. This can also increase your tube’s lifespan – all good things! Once again, we went with a power supply anchored by Mercury Magnetics transformers. Also on board is our patented HybridMASTER™ technology so you know you’ll enjoy your tone at any volume that’s right for the room. We made sure to include our Dual Mode all-tube spring reverb (from our flagship DUAL CITIZEN model) featuring an Accutronics large pan reverb tank. The result is a stunner – huge AC amp tone that covers all the bases in a convenient package weighing less than 35 lbs!!!


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