Aguilar Filter Twin Dual Bass Envelope Filter Pedal


Ready to get funky? The Aguilar Filter Twin dual-envelope filter bass pedal is the pedal that will get it done! Loaded with a pair of identical filters that sweep in opposite directions, Filter Twin easily conjures the classic ’70s sound that made the decade so distinct. By having two filters sweeping at the same time, Aguilar is able to create a more organic sound that has a vocal quality not found in most other pedals. The controls are straightforward and intuitive: Blend controls the mix between the filters, threshold adjusts sensitivity, and Velocity controls determine the speed of the individual filters. Aguilar’s Filter Twin is a must have for adventurous bassists!

  • Two filters sweeping at the same time for an organic vocal sound
  • Blend control balances the two sweeping filters
  • Threshold adjusts the unit’s sensitivity
  • Velocity controls the speed of the individual filters
  • Gig saver passes signal even when battery dies