Aguilar Octamizer Analog Bass Octave Pedal


Bassists, take your bass tones places they’ve never been before with the Aguilar Octamizer analog octave pedal. Whether you’re looking to dive deeper or add some funk to your sound, you can do it with the Octamizer. With an independent volume control for both the Clean and Octave sounds, finding the perfect balance is a snap. But the Octamizer doesn’s stop there! A pair of filters lets you texture the octave-down sound and the clean sound separately. The Clean Tone control uses a Full Spectrum Tilt EQ that boosts treble while cutting bass or vice versa, giving you the ability to craft cool octave doubling effects or blend the two together for synth-y sounds. The multi-pole lowpass filter on the Octave Filter lets you dial in anything from round, smooth sounds to agressive, edgy tones.


  • Proprietary detector circuit for superior tracking
  • Independent clean/octave volume control to blend sounds
  • Full Spectrum Tilt EQ to shape the clean sound
  • Multi-pole lowpass filter to shape the octave sound
  • Gig-saver bypass (signal passes even if your battery dies)