Aguilar Tone Hammer Preamp/Direct Box


Take total control of your tone with the Aguilar Tone Hammer preamp and direct box. The innards are based on the OBP-3 preamp, with fully sweepable midrange frequencies, bass, and treble controls. This potent combination puts a ton of scultping capabilities at your fingertips, and you can connect it straight to your recording rig or a live sound system for as an awesome DI. But this is far more than an incredibly flexibly EQ and DI rolled into one box. The Tone Hammer is rocking Aguilar’s propietary Adaptive Gain Shaping circuitry (AGS), letting you dial in anything from vintage tones to serious overdrive. Need tone? Get it with the Aguilar Tone Hammer.

  • 3-band EQ to shape the sound
  • Clean DI for recording or onstage
  • Propietary Adaptive Gain Shaping circuitry (AGS), lets you dial in anything from vintage tones to serious overdrive
  • 18V operation provides plenty of headroom