Xotic XP 5string


A very versatile 5 string P bass!

Tri-logic 2 Bass Preamp
Three Band EQ (high, mid, low) boost & cut. Center position produces flat, unaltered sound, with no added tonal coloration.
* Mini Toggle Switch – Use the Switch closer to the headstock to switch the mid-frequencies (400Hz/800Hz), and the other Switch to switch the treble-frequencies (6Hz/12kHz).
* Pre-set gain control to boost gain by one to three times (located in back panel for easy access).
* 18V drive is for more headroom, which allows incoming signals to pass through cleanly, without clipping the high-end or low-end frequencies. (Requires two 9V batteries)

Tri-logic 2 Bass Preamp Frequency Specification

SW1 (Mid Switch): UP/DOWN – 400Hz / 800Hz – ±12dB
SW2 (Bright Switch): UP/DOWN – 6KHz / 12K – ±18dB


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