Craig Landau & Midwood Lutherie


Repairs & Setups

Midwood Lutherie, Craig Landau's Shop

Midwood Lutherie

If you need a fret job, a setup, or Heaven forbid a repair to your baby, bring it to our shop. Sharing our space is Midwood Lutherie, home of the most in-demand luthier in the tri-state area: Craig Landau. An integral part of our business is having this full service luthier in our space, so we dedicated 500 square feet to his shop.

Every guitar we sell goes through Midwood Lutherie for a setup before delivery. For almost 30 years, players from all over the country know the common refrain “Craig is the only person I’d let touch my guitar.”

Since we opened our doors, Craig has been so busy he hasn’t even had time to setup his own website.