Veritas guitar Headstock detail

Veritas Guitar

Midwood Guitar studio is proud to be one of the few places in the country where you can try a Veritas guitar in person. The attention to detail is evident in the great finish work and playability right out of the box. It’s clear why these guitars are gaining in popularity and a very hard to find! We currently have 2 Texas Miracles in stock and a five ‘o three, as well as 8 more on the way. Be sure to check out our current inventory and check back often for the new arrivals!

Veritas guitars come in 4 basic ‘types’ but can be customized in a number of ways. The Texas Miracle is a classic 2 single coil type guitar, the Portlander has a traditional feel and shape with a bit more mojo, The mini-master is an offset body shape guitar, the Five O Three is a semi hollow guitar most like an old Rick, or thin line Gretcsh. The Orpheus jr. is a great looking single cutaway guitar. Most come with Lollar pickups and great wiring from Emerson custom. Contact us to start an order!

Here is a quick video demo of one of our Texas Miracle guitars.