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3rd Power Wooly Coats Spanky MKII Head and 1x12 Cab - Used

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Our Price: $1,599.00

Product Description

Consignment, no trades please.

Condition: Excellent, one tolex tear on the bottom left corner of the head. Never been gigged! 


This 3rd Power Wooly Coats Spanky MKII Head and 1x12 Cab was custom ordered through 3rd Power with a custom brown leather tolex wrap and a wheat grill cloth. This was an upgraded cost and really sets the amp apart from others! It sounds absolutely incredible and the HybridMaster volume control allows you to have great tone at any volume level. 


From 3rd Power: 

The Spanky MKII is an update of our popular Spanky amplifier with its classic Blackface preamp with an expanded mid-range frequency control and combines that with an over-built power supply to deliver throwback tone with extra headroom and punch making it an insane pedal-platform amp. With the mid control set around 10 o’clock, you’re in classic Blackface territory. Push the mids past noon, you’re entering Tweed Land with an excellent midrange growl. The Spanky MKII boasts new features such as the addition of our patented HybridMASTER and the ambient mode studio-quality reverb circuit from our award winning Dual Citizen amplifier.


• Hand-built in East Nashville, TN
• Premium American-made Heyboer Transformers throughout
• Premium American-made 12
′′ Eminence George Alessandro Speaker
• Patented HybridMASTER volume management technology
• Pure tube spring reverb based on the Dual Citizen
• and much, much more


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