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Eastman Acoustic Guitars

Eastman acoustic guitars are the best value guitar in the market today. despite the affordable pricing, quality and playability are not sacrificed. Eastman was founded in 1992 by a Chinese music student named Qian Ni, Eastman strings originally gained their reputation in the world of violin making.

They still operate in the manner of a 19th century violin workshop, with a team of master luthiers crafting instruments largely by hand with the exception of a few band saws used for neck outlines. The first guitars they built were arch-tops, the design being a natural extension of the violin. They quickly became popular amongst professional Jazz musicians, for whom comparable arch-tops would run upwards of 10K.

When they began producing flat-tops, their affordably-priced, diverse selection of options proved equally successful. Their traditional series, especially, have proved popular in folk circles. Eastman offers solid, high-quality tone-woods at a fraction the price of U.S. builders.

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