AER Compact 60/4 Tommy Emmanuel Signature Acoustic Amp

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Product Description

AER Compact 60/4 Tommy Emmanuel Signature Acoustic Amp

Midwood Guitar Studio is now a proud dealer of AER Amps!

From AER:

If you ever heard Tommy play, you will recognize that his sound is much more than loud and dynamic. He does not use effect pedals - his sound is a marriage between his fingers, his guitars and his amplifier. We are very proud to create an amplifier exactly to Tommy‘s needs. To reproduce the typical ‚initiation tone‘ the on-board delay had to be slightly changed. The sound Tommy produces on-stage has to be sent exactly to the front-of-house PA system. A switchable pre/post efx DI provides the tone on and off the stage.


  • Channel 1: 6.3 mm (1/4”) input jack as high impedance line input with pad (high/low attenuation), 9 V phantom power (switchable), and gain control
  • Channel 2: combined XLR/6.3 mm (1/4”) jack socket as high-impedance line or balanced microphone input, 48 V, gain control
  • Equalizer: three band tone controls for channel 1 and two band tone controls for channel 2
  • Colour: 'mid-cut-treble-boost’-filter
  • Digital effect processor with 4 presets:2 x reverb, delay, chorus (Effect #3 is a delay with 213.5 beats-per-minute).
  • Power amp 60 W / 4 ohms
  • Analog signal processing subsonic filter, adaptive peak limiter
  • Speaker system 8” (200 mm) twin-cone speaker
  • Features headphones, line out, pre/post effect, switchable DI-out, external parallel effect loop, footswitch (internal/external effect on/off), 3.5 mm aux in jack socket, tuner out
  • Dimensions: 10.20“ x 12.80“ x 9.45“
  • Weight: 15.6 lbs


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