Schertler Amps

Schertler Amps was established by a Swiss double bassist Stephen Schertler in 1986, the Schertler company maintains a clear mission: to continually improve the amplification of acoustic instruments in live contexts. It started with pickups and has expanded into amplifiers and portable sound systems. Schertler Amp designs their products to be as transparent, flexible, and reliable as possible. Midwood is thrilled to begin offering Schertler amplifiers, as we believe that they honor the true tone and character of our prized acoustic guitars.


Schertler builds amps for different rooms and price points. The Guila Y, packs a lot of tone and volume into a small package; boasting 50 watts, phantom power, and two channels. Their biggest amplifier, The Roy, puts out a whopping 450 watts and has 7-channels, essentially rendering it a portable stand-alone PA system. Their other models, listed in order of ascending wattage and input capability, are the David, the Jam, and the Unico. They also have upgraded “X” versions of all of their amps, which have better speakers, power-amps, and new crossover filter networks. All Schertler amps are designed with no negative feedback or integrated circuits, and feature high-end class-A preamps.


No matter which Schertler you choose, their intimate understanding of acoustic instruments and different pickup systems is evident. Their EQ sections are refreshingly sensitive and effective. The bigger models feature parametric control and “reson”, which cuts the low mids that tend to generate feedback. All their amps also feature a “warm” button, which cuts highs and boosts mids, eliminating the “quackiness” inherent to many piezo pickups. No matter what kind of guitar or pickup system you’re using, Schertler has the ability to make it shine.


Acoustic guitar amplification is a difficult proposition. Preserving the authentic, “unplugged” tone of an acoustic guitar entails a slew of new considerations. Ironically, it often ends up being more involved than simply playing an electric. That said, Schertler has done all the necessary homework and calculations to make your plugged-in acoustic sound as close to the real thing as possible. We’re delighted to carry Schertler and we look forward to helping you find the right amp for your purposes.

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