PRS Guitars: History & Current Lineup

Posted by Robinson Earle on Feb 16th 2021

Paul Reed Smith started out as a shop class whiz and part-time guitar slinger with a dream of creating a 6-string that boldly positioned itself between the two giants of the industry: Fender and Gibson.The History of PRS GuitarsDuring the 1980s, the two major guitar manufacturers in America were Fender and Gibson, each a household name and their own reputations. During the … read more
Harmony Guitars: The Historic Brand Revived

Harmony Guitars: The Historic Brand Revived

Posted by Robinson Earle on Feb 3rd 2021

Established in Chicago in 1892, the Harmony musical brand produced consistent and affordable instruments of all kinds throughout the better part of the 20th century. The artists who learned to pick on Harmony guitars are legion, including Howlin Wolf, Elvis, Keith Richards, Syd Barrett, Big Joe Williams, and many others.In 1916, Harmony was acquired by Sears, Roebuck, an&n … read more
The Rockin' History of Magnatone Amps

The Rockin' History of Magnatone Amps

Posted by Robinson Earle on Jan 7th 2021

The Dickerson Musical Instrument Company was founded in the 1930s and largely catered to the still-burning Hawaiian steel guitar boom that started around the turn of the century. In 1946, it was acquired by Art Duhamell who changed the name to the Magna Electronics Company, and began building Magnatone guitar amplifiers. Magnatone bore witness to the birth of the solid- … read more

Music Theory: Chords, Scales, and Triads

Posted by Robinson Earle on Dec 11th 2020

As most humans are only capable of producing one note simultaneously, it’s safe to say that monophonic music came first. Over time, melodic threads were combined, creating the sort of sonic tapestry that can still be heard in isolated villages of Eastern Europe, and deep in the heart of the Ituri forest of the Congo. The throat singers of the Asian steppes succeeded in … read more

All About Larrivee Guitars

Posted by Robinson Earle on Oct 9th 2020

Larrivee Guitars are known around the world for their uncompromising quality, beautiful, all solid wood bodies, and attention to detail. No matter which Larivee guitar model you choose, you can be sure that it was crafted with the finest materials possible. Their X-Brace and Scalloped Hybrid bracing systems offer unique tones, allowing you to choose the model that best … read more