A Morning In Midwood Guitar Studio's Acoustic Guitar Lounge

Acoustic Guitars are plentiful at Midwood Guitar Studio and we only represent the best.

Welcome to Midwood Guitar Studio! We’ve got wood and wire in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors. Let me show you some of my favorite acoustic guitars:

Taylor Guitars

This one is pure, earthy class. The silent-satin, wild-honey sunburst finished acoustic guitar looks terrific in every light and lets it ring like a wooden bell. Maple is a relatively underrated tone wood that I simply adore. It cuts through clear and powerful at every volume and Taylor Guitars V-class bracing lends it a full, round sustain. The overtone content is full, yet controlled, and the playability is effortless.

Collings Guitars

On another end of the sonic design spectrum, we have a Collings “traditional” rosewood Dreadnought. By taking an old formula and refining it to meet modern standards of excellence, Collings has succeeded in building a new guitar with an old soul. Whenever I play a big, open G chord, I can’t help but remark: “you sound just like your great-grandfather, and you’ve got his eyes, too.”

Martin Guitars

Sometimes, getting dressed up is a delight, and it’s the details that make the outfit. The watch has to compliment the cuff links and the belt should match the watchband. This Martin D-42 acoustic guitar is the epitome of old-school elegance. The sparkling abalone border around the body catches your eye and settles it on the beautifully grained Sitka top. The purfling on the back perfectly divides the dark, dreamy rosewood. The most magnificent feature, however, is its voice, and the dazzling rosette is the red carpet that introduces it to the world.

Maton Guitars

This one proves that “rock & roll acoustic” is far from an oxymoron. It is a weather system that generates its own thunder and lightning. Unplugged, its dry, precise tone will have you stacking new chords and elaborating on familiar melodies. Plug it in, and you’re ready to shred with the Teles and Les Pauls. While some acoustic guitars sound incongruous in a full band context, that’s when this one shines. It’s a front-person's guitar, all the way. It was conceived to command a crowd.

Eastman Guitars

When it comes to affordable, professional-grade instruments, it’s hard to beat an Eastman Guitar. What we have here is a handmade, “OM-18”-style acoustic guitar that boasts the same specs as guitars five times the price. The Adirondack top alone can cost as much as the whole guitar from other builders. Its warm, articulate tone is ideal for fingerstyle and lead, but with the right attack, it can blast out a rhythm like a well-tuned kick drum. It’s powerful and intimate at the same time. It’s a Swiss Army knife that you’ll never want to be caught without. The perfect instrument for a guitarist fond of adventure.

Now, let’s get you comfortable and surrounded by these fine instruments. Play some of your tunes and investigate the subtleties of each one. I’ll be here to answer questions. I’ll even pick ‘em if you wanna’ hear how they sound from afar. It’s a subjective thing and we’re committed to finding the right one for YOU! That said, when lunch time rolls around, we oughta’ break for a sandwich and come back with fresh ears. It’s a big commitment, my friend, but no sweat. This is what we do, and we won’t be satisfied until you are. Cheers to music and the wide world of guitars!

Jan 14th 2020 Robinson Earle

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