A Morning in The Midwood Guitar Studio Acoustic Guitar Room

A Morning in The Midwood Guitar Studio Acoustic Guitar Room

Posted by Robinson Earle on Jun 15th 2020

When you visit Charlotte, make sure you have time for A Morning in The Midwood Guitar Studio Acoustic Guitar Lounge.

When Rock & Rollers enter our storefront in the historic Plaza Midwood neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina, we have to greet them with a drool bucket. A post-industrial aesthetic of brick walls and exposed piping serves as the perfect backdrop for our diverse inventory of hand-picked electric guitars. Anderson, Fender, Fender Custom Shop, PRS, Charvel, and Suhr are just a few of the boutique guitar lines we carry. Islands of amps and couches eagerly await the arrival of our fellow shredders.

However, there is another sort of guitarist whose eyes circle back to the counter after a quick scan. They ask, “where are all the acoustic guitars?” One of us stands and gestures towards a hallway in the far corner as if he just received the secret code for a speakeasy. Welcome to the studio acoustic guitar lounge.

This is our oasis of wood and wire. Additionally, it hosts a state-of-the-art recording console where we engineer all our videos. The walls are lined from floor to ceiling with some of the finest acoustic specimens from the biggest builders in the world.

We’re very fond of our Martin Guitars. After all, they’re the ones who started it all, circa 1833. For the more modest player, we also have handcrafted Eastman Guitars in varieties of styles, shapes, and wood combinations. For the modern pickers who want an electric-like response, we carry only the finest Taylor and PRS acoustics. For the percussive soloists, we are a proud importer of Maton Guitars, the Australian company favored by virtuoso, Tommy Emmanuel. From the heart of Austin, Texas, Collings acoustic guitars offer unrivaled consistency of tone from the stage to the couch. No matter which side of the room you gravitate towards, just know that we pick these out ourselves and love them all. The only question at hand is which one will be best for you.

Flat-pickers tend to be happiest with dreadnoughts. A Martin D-18, 28, or 35 will offer incredible volume and articulation for bluegrassers and singer-songwriters alike. For lead blues playing, A Collings 00 or a PRS parlor will make you feel like you just came back from the crossroads. For masterful fingerstyle, a Taylor or Maton will put a spring in each digit and a smile on your face. Eastman makes a little of everything; professional-grade instruments at affordable prices.

A guitar is principally a tool of self-expression, and as we’re all unique people, it’s important to have options when shopping for a new one. With its relaxing ambience and refined acoustics, Midwood’s acoustic guitar lounge is the perfect environment to find your new musical partner. We’re here to answer questions, make suggestions, and even pick them a bit if you wanna’ hear how they sound from the other side. Take the time you need, break for lunch, come back tomorrow. We understand that committing to an instrument is a big decision, and we’ll be there to support you every step of the way. These acoustic guitars are forever friends, and we like to see them go to good homes. Give us a call or stop by soon to take in what we’ve got! 

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