A Year in Review: Acoustic Guitars | Midwood Guitar Studio

A Year in Review: Acoustic Guitars | Midwood Guitar Studio

Posted by Robinson Earle on Dec 30th 2019

What we love about our collection of acoustic guitars.

As we sail deeper into the new millennium, it’s important to reflect on the builders that have helped establish Midwood Guitar Studio as one of the premier purveyors of fine acoustic guitars in the world. After all, the lines we carry are as much a reflection of our identity as the thriving neighborhood that we call home. We cater to all tastes and budgets and our doors are always open, so if you ever find yourself in the Midwood district of Charlotte, North Carolina, we’d love to show you around. Otherwise, enjoy the links below and give us a call if you see anything we need to send your way.

Best Value: Since 1992, Eastman has been offering professional quality guitars at prices that professional musicians can actually afford. After becoming a staple of the jazz world with their arch-tops, they expanded into flat-top acoustics. By combining top-tier specs with old-world hand-craftsmanship, they achieve the kind of sonic perfection that we usually associate with brands five times the price:


America’s Favorite: The Martin family has been producing exceptional instruments since 1833, and their designs and innovations over the years have come to define the American acoustic guitar. As a consequence, there is no builder that exerts as much gravitational pull. You gotta’ have a Martin:


Best “Boutique” Builder: When the term “boutique” came into vogue, Collings was the standard by which others were judged.Historically-informed, yet structurally modernized, they offer acoustic guitars that are precise and perfected in a way that would be unimaginable fifty years ago. A Collings guitar is a testament to the gear renaissance in which we are currently living:


Best Selling: Though quite cozy in our Charlotte home, we are no stranger to the global village, and it is there that we found kindred spirits in Maton guitars. Apparently, y’all feel similarly, as they are currently our best selling acoustic line! Based in Australia, we lovingly characterize the Maton sound as a thunder from down under. They build exquisitely powerful, exceptionally versatile instruments that cut through a mix like lightning through Vegemite. Even their smaller models can quake the architecture. They truly need to be played to be believed:


Contenders: We also offer Taylor and PRS acoustics, two builders that have innovated unique sonic templates all their own. Dazzling beauty, effortless playability, and sparkling overtones are a given, but within each line you’ll find winning subtleties that accommodate every kind of picker: