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Boucher Guitars: An Introduction (a Revelation)

Boucher Guitars: An Introduction (a Revelation)

Posted by Robinson Earle on Aug 29th 2018

An “introduction” isn’t really necessary at this point given the resounding splash they’ve made in the acoustic guitar world, but I would still like to take the time to describe my experiences with these magnificent instruments and the man behind them. Robin Boucher rolled into my life one fall day in a sedan packed full of beautiful, tweed guitar cases. He’d driven all the way from Canada and we clicked instantly. He was full of love, legacy, and curiosity, and those are precisely the qualities that came through in his guitars.

I still remember the way that first one sang. Boucher guitars truly have a voice that is all their own. It is a clear, sweet, full voice with a wide harmonic spectrum. It conjures the towering Red Spruce forest in the heart of Canadian Appalachia where their workshop is located. Robin spent many years selling Adirondack tops to the highest bidder before crafting instruments of his own. His wood is the best that nature has to offer.

Every guitar is different, but I’ll offer one more generalized insight on Boucher. During my time selling high-end guitars, Boucher was the one line that sold consistently “out of the showroom” to folks who had not previously been aware of them. True to their motto, it was, “revelation at first chord”. On top of that, they were the guitars that my co-workers most frequently bought for themselves. What’s the kitchen eating? It’s Boucher. I’m proud to announce that Midwood is now offering this mighty family of instruments from up north, and I highly suggest trying one if you’re in the market for a new guitar. It may be just what you’ve been searching for.