Bourgeois Touchstone Series Acoustic Guitar's

Bourgeois Touchstone Series Acoustic Guitar's

A Dana Bourgeois and Eastman Guitars collaboration

Bourgeois Touchstone Series acoustic guitar’s are a result of Dana Bourgeois and Eastman Guitars collaborating to offer a boutique quality guitar at a reasonable price point. Bourgeois guitar has long courted the active ingredients in guitar design; not only so that they can build the highest end instruments available, but so that he can include the most crucial factors on his more affordable models. These Touchstones of excellence include wood selection, top voicing, and the attention to detail that comes with hand-craftsmanship.

The most important piece of any acoustic guitar is the top. How well it vibrates determines the tone and volume of the instrument. For the Touchstone series, Dana selected Alaskan Sitka Spruce with Adirondack red spruce bracing. Furthermore, the tops are hand-voiced in Lewiston, Maine by Dana and his team, who ensure that each individual piece of wood achieves its maximum sonic potential. 

The top, back and sides are assembled by a small team at Eastman’s headquarters in China. These luthiers have been trained in Dana’s distinctive building style, as well the old-world techniques that characterize Eastman’s instruments. They use high quality cuts of Indian rosewood that imbue the Touchstone series guitars with deep bass and lush overtones.

The finishing touches on these masterful models include ebony fingerboards and bridges, bone nuts and saddles, and Schaller GrandTune nickel tuners. The international partnership between Eastman and Bourgeois have allowed Dana and his team to adhere to their no-compromises approach to guitar building while lowering the admission fee to their fine family of instruments. Hand-made in every sense of the word, these acoustic guitars are built to last a lifetime, and will sound better and better as they are played. If you want the best, but don’t need any frills, then a Touchstone Dreadnought or OM May be the perfect fit. 

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Jan 28th 2023 MGS Staff

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