​Exploring Today's Finest Dual Overdrive Pedals

​Exploring Today's Finest Dual Overdrive Pedals

In the ever-expanding world of guitar effects pedals, few tools wield as much sonic capability as the dual overdrive guitar pedal. These versatile guitar pedals offer the flexibility to blend and sculpt multiple overdrive tones, providing guitarists like us with a wealth of tonal possibilities. Today, we'll take a closer look at our three favorite overdive contenders here at Midwood Guitar Studio: the Mythos Herculean Deluxe, the Browne Protein and the Kingtone Duellist. Each effects pedal boasts its own distinct features and tonal characteristics, ensuring a diverse array of options for any player seeking their new perfect overdrive solution.

**Mythos Herculean Deluxe: A Fusion of Classic and Modern**

The Herculean Deluxe is a testament to Mythos' commitment to innovation and sonic excellence. Combining updated versions of the Herculean and Runestone overdrives, this pedal delivers a versatile palette of overdriven tones suitable for virtually any musical genre. With a 4-way dip switch for shaping clipping characteristics and an order toggle to control circuit routing, the Herculean Deluxe offers unprecedented flexibility and customization options for an overdrive. Whether you prefer the classic silicon soft clipping of the Herculean side or the MOSFET/NOS Germanium diodes of the Zen clipping on the Runestone side, this pedal delivers the goods with style and precision. Throw any type of guitar pickups in front of it and stand back. It’ll take off with any guitar you plug into it.

**Browne Protein: A Collaboration in Tone Crafting**

The Protein Overdrive pedal is the brainchild of David Brown and guitarist/producer Adam Sniegowski. Born out of a desire to create a dual overdrive pedal that could adapt to any backline situation, the Protein offers a seamless blend of two iconic overdrive circuits: the Blue Side and the Green Side. The Blue Side pays homage to the classic overdrive tones favored by artists like John Mayer with its smooth and open low-mid gain tones, while the Green Side draws inspiration from the revered "Nashville" overdrive, it is focused in the midrange with a big bottom and plenty of snarl. With careful tweaks to output levels, tone controls, and gain structures, the Protein achieves a perfect balance of versatility between these two circuits. Plus, the secret "third'' channel adds a new dimension of gain and sustain when stacking both sides, ensuring endless degrees of both lead and rhythm tones.

**Kingtone Duellist: Unleashing Dual-Channel Versatility**

The Kingtone Duellist stands as a titan among dual overdrive pedals, offering unmatched versatility and tonal refinement. With two distinct channels—Side A for Stevie Ray-style grit and Side B for elevated Breaker tones—this pedal delivers massive, uncompromised lead and rhythm tones. Boasting a custom CNC-machined aluminum enclosure and easy-access side switches, the Duellist is designed for maximum performance and convenience. Additional features like the channel order selector switch, amp-like setting, and SRV Mod further enhance its sonic capabilities, while top-mounted jacks and flexible routing options ensure seamless integration into any pedalboard setup. If you take Instagram’s word for it, the Duellist seems to favor S-Style single coils and blues licks. However, don’t let that fool you. This dual overdrive pedal can handle any guitar, any amp and any musical situation you can think of. The true definition of a Swiss Army Overdrive Pedal.

If you’ve been thinking about trying one of these, as always, look no further than Midwood Guitar Studio here in Charlotte, NC. We always do our best to offer a curated selection of top-quality pedals to keep our customers creating new sounds and finding inspiration through their gear.

Whether you're drawn to the classic warmth of the Herculean Deluxe, the versatile tonal palette of the Protein, or the dual-channel versatility of the Duellist, rest assured that each guitar pedal offers its own distinctive blend of sonic bliss. If you’re still not sure which one will fit the bill for you, maybe you should try them all!

Feb 8th 2024 Sage Greer

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