The Dr. Z X-Ray Amplifier

The Dr. Z X-Ray Amplifier

The Dr. Z X-Ray amplifier is generating a lot of excitement among the staff here at Midwood Guitar Studio, and for good reason! This brand-new amplifier is the culmination of years of development and combines the best features of two iconic Dr. Z amps – the Stang Ray and the DB4 – into one incredible package.

One of the key features of the X-Ray amp is its NOS 6n14n power tubes, which provide the same clean headroom and articulate, snappy tone that the original Stang Ray was known for. These tubes are combined with an NOS American-made pentode preamp tube called the 5879, which was first introduced in the DB4 and provides a super unique overdrive signature. This combination of tubes gives the X-Ray a unique and versatile tone that is sure to put jaws on the floor and truly allow it to effortlessly go from clean to mean.

As we mentioned, the original Stang Ray was very clean, bright, and spanky, which the X-Ray tube amp covers in spades from about 11 o’clock and below on the volume knob. This makes for a stunning clean tone and perfectly balances out a pair of humbuckers. With the Brad Paisley DNA involved in the X-Ray, you would expect it to mainly shine with single coils. On the contrary! Don’t be afraid to plug in a Les Paul and let it rip! This is a surprisingly perfect humbucker amp.

The DB4 influence starts to rear its head around noon on the volume knob. Creamy harmonics start to stack on top of one another and provide sustain and compression to really make each note jump out and hang on. Thanks to the uniqueness of this design, even at higher overdriven settings, simply lightening your pick attack will bring the amp right back into harmonically rich clean territory.

Another great, modern feature of the X-Ray amplifier is its post-phase inverter master volume, which adds welcome flexibility to the design that neither of its two predecessors featured. This allows players to control the volume of the amp without sacrificing tone, making it suitable for a wide range of playing environments and will allow this amp to find its home on virtually any stage or studio. The X-Ray also features a front panel mounted half-power switch, which allows players to alter the compression and dynamics of the power amp for a smoother, silkier feel at 15 watts. At full power (30 watts), expect ample punch and articulation with a bit more sparkle on the top end. For safe measure and to completely future proof the design, there is also an ultra-quiet FX Loop on the back panel.

The X-Ray is available in two configurations – a head and a 1×12 combo. The combo version features a striking quantum silver front valance and is loaded with a WGS Retro 30 speaker, which was specifically selected for its performance with this amplifier. Both versions of the X-Ray feature a custom welded, aircraft-grade aluminum chassis and are hand wired by the highly skilled Dr. Z Team in Maple Heights, Ohio.

Overall, the Dr. Z X-Ray is an absolutely incredible amplifier that combines the best features of two iconic amps into one versatile and powerful package. If you're in the market for a new amp that can cover virtually any musical ground you can think of, the X-Ray is definitely worth plugging into.

Feb 26th 2024 Sage Greer

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The Dr. Z X-Ray Amplifier

The Dr. Z X-Ray Amplifier

The Dr. Z X-Ray amplifier is generating a lot of excitement among the staff here at Midwood Guitar S...