​Two-Rock Amplifiers Welcomes Divided by 13 into the Family

​Two-Rock Amplifiers Welcomes Divided by 13 into the Family

As we step into the new year, the world of tube amplifiers is buzzing with excitement as Two-Rock, renowned for crafting some of the finest tube amplifiers in the world, Two-Rock Amplifiers Welcomes Divided by 13 into the family. This unexpected but thrilling venture promises a harmonious collaboration that amplifies the best of every flavor that the world of boutique amplifiers has to offer.

Two-Rock amplifiers, led by the visionary duo of Mac Skinner and Eli Lester, has long been celebrated for its distinctive and unparalleled sound. The acquisition of Divided by 13, an iconic brand in its own right, opens up a realm of possibilities as both brands bring unique qualities that beautifully complement each other.

Fred Taccone, the founder and owner of Divided by 13, expressed his gratitude to the loyal supporters of the brand over the last 23 years. Taccone, a favorite among builders, made a conscious decision to entrust Two-Rock with the legacy of Divided by 13. In his words, "When I met Eli and Mac from Two-Rock, it was a clear choice that they were the right guys that could build the amps to the quality that I would want to see."

The synergy between the two brands becomes apparent as Two-Rock plans to maintain its current size and position in the market while leveraging the opportunity presented by Divided by 13. Eli Lester emphasizes the desire for "modern performance married to classic styling," signaling a new era for the amplification world.

The acquisition opens doors to incorporate British and American-style amp circuits that Fred Taccone has meticulously perfected over decades. This infusion of expertise promises a diverse range of amplifiers that cater to a broader audience while upholding the signature quality associated with Two-Rock.

"We are excited and honored to be caretakers and custodians of Divided by Thirteen and look forward to bringing it to the forefront of the marketplace," says Eli Lester, reflecting the enthusiasm with which Two-Rock embraces this new chapter. The amps will continue to be hand-built one at a time in the existing Two-Rock shop in Northern California, ensuring the highest build quality and components.

The commitment to maintaining the impeccable standards of both brands is evident as Two-Rock gears up for simultaneous production of Two-Rock amps and Divided by 13 amplifiers. The focus will be on six core models: FTR 37, AMW 39, BTR 23, JRT 9/15, CCC 9/15, and CJ 11. These models are set to make their debut following the NAMM show in January, marking a milestone in the rich history of both brands.

Mac and Eli, known for their hands-on approach, plan to integrate Divided by 13 seamlessly into their existing operations. The success they achieved by integrating new products to the current line, such as the Landreth and Vintage Deluxe amp, instills confidence that this new venture will not only meet but exceed delivery and quality expectations with any hiccups.

In conclusion, the union of Two-Rock and Divided by 13 promises a symphony of innovation and craftsmanship. As the amplification world eagerly anticipates the unveiling of these exceptional creations, it's evident that the future is set to resonate with the perfect harmony of these two iconic amplifier brands. Get ready for a sonic journey like never before!

Jan 20th 2024 Sage Greer

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