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Boucher Studio Goose SG-51 Hybrid Studio Goose OM Hybrid

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Our Price: $3,643.96

Product Description

This one offers a deep scoop of tone with dazzling highs and warm, enveloping bass. The AAAA Adirondack top shimmers in the light, exposing the faintest hint of “bear-claw” in the grain. The EIR back and sides are exquisitely striped and reflect enough overtones to keep you marveling at “cowboy chords” for days

It has great focus, but plenty of volume, too. It feels smooth and easy to play and sustains beautifully. The notes blossom and fade with confidence and grace. The dark, sweet wood combination blends perfectly with the body size. What you get is a big, bold tone that’s easy to control.


Hardshell case included