Disaster Area Designs DMC-4 Gen3 - Black

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Product Description

Disaster Area Designs DMC-4 Gen3 - Black

Midwood Guitar Studio is now a proud dealer of Disaster Area Designs!

From Disaster Area:

Control up to four MIDI devices with the DMC-4 Gen3. Select presets, send expression pedal data, control your device’s looper modes, and more. User-definable Hot Switch allows instant functionality in any mode. Want even more control? Add the optional Side Roller to send expression data to any or all of your connected pedals! Featuring up to nine control modes, the DMC-4 Gen3 is designed to interface with up to four MIDI devices.

  • Device Control: Program select and bypass for up to four devices.
  • Looper Control: Controls the looper on the Strymon Timeline, Eventide H9 / Timefactor, or Line 6 M9/M13.
  • Utility: User-set actions on left and right buttons (2 commands per button)
  • Preset: Stores programs from Device Control pages and allows the user to change multiple devices at once.
  • Set List: Allows the user to re-arrange Preset scenes on the fly
  • Clock: Access the DMC-4’s built-in MIDI clock and tap tempo interface
  • Hot Switch: Upper-left switch is user-definable to access tap tempo, favorite preset, hold / freeze, and more.


  • Bright blue LED display indicates program number, status, and more
  • One 5-pin MIDI port supports MIDI out using a standard MIDI cable, or MIDI input and output using our MIDI Y-Cable.
  • One MultiJack connector can function as Expression Pedal input, Tap Tempo Output, Function Switch Output, Footswitch Input, or MIDI Output.
  • One Expression connnector can function as Expression Pedal input, Function Switch input, or MIDI output.
  • Internal DIP switches to customize MultiJack functions.
  • Up to 99 user-accessible presets (if preset page is active.)
  • Controls up to four MIDI devices
  • Looper control page
  • Programmable MIDI clock and tap source to synchronize tempo on multiple pedals
  • User-definable Utility page sends any MIDI CC command, MIDI notes, bank up and down, more.
  • Optional side roller sends expression data to your connected MIDI devices
  • USB MIDI or USB Host connection for advanced control possibilities
  • Runs on standard 9V power, 60mA minimum.

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