Dr. Z Route 66 20th Anniversary Head - Blonde

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Product Description

Dr. Z Route 66 20th Anniversary Head - Blonde

*Consignment, no trades please!

Here we have an amazing Dr. Z KT66 from 2008!  This is the 20th Anniversary model and is finished in a beautiful blonde tolex.  This amp has been very well taken care of and it sounds incredible. A Studio Slip cover is included.  Please let us know if you have any questions!

Condition: Excellent.  No rips or tears in the tolex.  Overall, it's super clean with just some very light tarnishing starting to happen on the metal parts of the handle.

From Dr. Z:

The Route 66 is an all original Dr. Z design based on the incredible KT-66 tube originally built by Genelex. This tube generates the “Milkshake Thick” tones, as heard on John Mayall’s “Bluesbreaker” album featuring Eric Clapton (the “Beano Album” as it is known to many).

This is not a duplicate of the Marshall JTM-45, but completely original spin with new tonal end results. The Route 66 has an EF-86 front-end. For those not familiar with this tube, it is a 9 pin pentode that offers incredible gain and input dynamics. It is normally used in high-end stereos, most often for its accurate transfer of input signal, balance, and headroom.

The Route 66 features a deceptively simple tone stack, consisting of Volume, Bass, and Treble, which feeds a non-negative feedback Phase Inverter, for true harmonic content and full output tube dynamics. It has a 5U4 Tube Rectifier to complete the round enveloped tone. The amp has piano-like clarity with endless sustain, even at low volumes. Its 32 watts truly sing when driven hard in a focused, thick distortion, with the tightest bass response you’ve ever heard.


  • Power Output: 32 Watts
  • Output Tubes: 2 – KT66
  • Preamp Tubes: 1 – EF86 (NOS), 1-12AX7
  • Rectifier: 1 – 5U4
  • Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass
  • Configurations: Head
  • Dimensions & Weight: Head - 17 3/4″ W, 10″ H, 9 3/4″ D; 35 lbs.


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