Dr. Z Z-Lux 1x12 Combo - Black/Oxblood

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Product Description

Dr. Z Z-Lux 1x12 Combo - Black/Oxblood

Just in from our friends at Dr. Z Amps! This is the first Z-Lux we've had here at Midwood Guitar Studio, and it does not disappoint!  This amp offers big and bold fender-style cleans that make it a fantastic pedal platform,  but you can also work the master volume and get some breakup from it too!  The half-power switch is super usable and you really don't lose any characteristics of the amp when you flip it down.  This amp definitely isn't a one-trick pony, it's super versatile and can handle just about anything thrown at it.  Please let us know if you have any questions!

From Dr. Z:

Dr. Z has always said that his next design will be the best. Well, his next design is here. We are proud to add the Z-LUX to our line. The Z-LUX delivers that big, warm vintage tone of a true hand-wired tube amp. It’s a design that not only integrates favorite features from our entire line but also includes new ones of its own. Half/Full power switch, foot-switchable boost, master volume, reverb, tremolo, you name it…this amp has it. Every component was painstakingly selected to achieve the highest quality standards for both sound and durability.

The Z-LUX starts with the front end of the MAZ design and uses a combination of hand-rolled Jupiter caps, Mallory 150s, and classic Orange Drop caps specifically selected for each stage of the preamp. We also included the foot-switchable EQ bypass boost but softened it a bit for a smoother overdrive. The power section is driven by 6V6 power tubes, switchable between 2 tubes (20 watts) or 4 tubes (40 watts) via the half-power switch. The tube driven tremolo will give you deep pulsating swells of rich tone you can’t get from an effects pedal and when combined with the lush, tube driven spring reverb… you won’t be able to put the guitar down. The sound of this amp will push your creativity to the max!

We completely re-designed the build and makeup of our cabinets for this amp and were able to achieve stunning full-bodied sounds in a sturdy yet ultra-light combo cab weighing in at a back-saving 42 lbs! We also teamed up with Eminence to design a new 12” speaker. The new Z-12 is an American-voiced 50 watt speaker designed to complement the vibrant tones of the Z-LUX. Designing a cab and a speaker at the same time allowed us to have complete control over the quality of every component, truly achieving vintage tone for today.


  • Power Output 20/40 Watts
  • Output Tubes 4 – 6V6 (cathode biased)
  • Preamp Tubes 4 – 12AX7, 1 – NOS 6201
  • Rectifier Solid State
  • Controls Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Master, Reverb, Speed, Depth
  • Configurations Head, 1×12 Combo
  • Other 20/40 Half/Full power switch
  • Footswitchable reverb, tremolo, and variable boost (Footswitches supplied)
  • Dimensions & Weight Head: 22 3/4” W x 10 1/2” H x 10” D, 35 lbs.
  • Combo: 22 1/2” W x 191/4” H x 10 1/2” D, 42 lbs.

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