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Elliott Guitars S Series - 3-Color Sunburst w/ Hardtail - Used

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Product Description

*Consignment, no trades please!

This Elliott S Series absolutely rips! It's painted in a classy 3-Color Sunburst finish, and plays and sounds amazing.  No surprises there, as Andy and the team make some of the most meticulously-crafted, highest-quality guitars you'll find.  There are a few changes made to this guitar that aren't standard for the S Series. First, it has an Elliott hardtail bridge for added sustain.  Also, the second tone control is a blend knob so that when you're in the bridge position, it blends in the neck pickup in-phase, and if you switch to the neck position, it blends in the bridge pickup in-phase.  You can get a bunch of different sounds out of this thing!

Overall, the guitar is in good condition.  There are no major dings on it, but there is some light scratching in the finish on the top and back.  There is some heavier scratching towards the upper horn from strumming, and near the top where your arm would rest. On the back, there are a few larger scratches near the cutaway of the top horn.  The hardware has started to patina, mostly on the bridge and neck plate.  There are a few small divets in the frets in the cowboy-chord area, but overall, the frets are in good shape and have plenty of life left.  A non-original, Fender hardshell case is included.  Please feel free to message us with any questions that you may have!

Weight - 7lbs 3oz

Serial # - AE0025

Year - 2016

From Elliott:

Wood Selection

The wood is selected first and has to meet certain size and grain characteristics to assure all bodies are glued in the same manner, with an offset glue joint at the bottom bout of the guitar. This maintains consistency from one guitar to the next. The upper bout is contoured for a very comfortable feel. The species of wood used for this guitar body is Alder.


  • Flatsawn solid Maple neck
  • Indian Rosewood fingerboard, International fingerboards are made with Pau Farro
  • Traditional clay marking dots
  • Our custom size dots
  • Nitro finish
  • 25.5" Scale
  • Medium C Shape
  • 9.5" Radius
  • .855"-.955" neck thickness

Our fretwork is one of the things we are most proud of. We go to the extreme to make sure that your guitar is going to play the best it can. The fingerboard is planed under tension. The fretting process is done with epoxy fretting. We use a special blend of epoxy that makes re-fretting very easy without messing up your fingerboard. This process is used for multiple reasons. One of the advantages to this type of fretting is that you lose the hollow gaps under the fret that you find with the traditional way of fretting. In traditional fretting, with each fret you put on, it is like driving a wedge into the fingerboard, which causes back tension on the neck. With epoxy fretting, all of these issues are eliminated. The epoxy under the frets helps to transfer string vibration throughout the neck to the body, and relieves all stress and tension on the neck that occurs with traditional fretting. This results in a stress-free neck, which allows the truss rod to work properly and to adjust the neck accurately.


Elliott Swallowtails

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