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Fender Deluxe Reverb - 1966

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Our Price: $3,099.00

Product Description

*Consignment, no trades please.

We are extremely excited to have this vintage Deluxe Reverb in the shop on consignment. We gave it a solid play through when it came in, and it sounds absolutely incredible. The classic tone we all know in love in one of the most iconic amp packages you've ever seen. This amp has been kept in pristine condition over the years by one of our local customers. He has always kept it up to date with service to ensure no issues and an even longer life ahead of it.

  • Condition: Excellent. No major signs of wear or tolex rips. Was just gone through by a tech and everything is perfectly functioning. 
  • Modifications: 3 Prong power cable added, tilt back legs added. Non-original footswitch and cover. All original speaker and transformers.
  • Circuit: AB 763
  • Year: 1966
  • Serial Number: A 18373
  • Stamp Code: PF
  • Speaker Code: M5-2366
  • Power Transformer Codes: 025130 and 606-6-07
  • Reverb Transformer Codes: 125C3A and 606-6-02
  • Output Transformer Codes: 022640 and ETA 4606-936

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