Fender Princeton 1x10 Amplifier - 1962

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Fender Princeton 1x10 Amplifier - 1962

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We are very exited to offer this iconic 1962 Princeton amplifier in our shop! This amp has been fully serviced by a masterclass technician here in Charlotte NC (see below), and has been taken excellent care of. Plug this amp in and let it speak for itself! This well known tone is one that is impossible to beat, and the mesmerizing tremolo pairs perfect for any style of play. Not to mention it weighs in at only 22lbs! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions about this lovely amp.

Modifications: Main filter capacitor replaced.  2 bypass capacitors replaced. Volume pot was replaced.  Ceramic disc capacitors replaced.  Bias capacitor replaced.  New tubes. Original parts included.

Condition: Very good, standard 60 year old wear to the tolex. No tears. The original leather strap has some wear.




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