Fender Telecaster - Blonde - 1968

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Product Description

Fender Telecaster - Blonde - 1968

*Consignment/vintage, no trades please!

Here we have an absolutely beautiful Fender Telecaster from 1968!  The blonde finish has aged perfectly and the guitar has all kinds of mojo.  This is a 2-owner guitar - the current owner purchased it from the original owner in the early 90's.  The guitar is mostly original minus a few small things (see below) and comes with the original case, ash tray cover for the bridge, and original saddles.  The original pickups sound incredible - the neck is warm and woody and the bridge has all the spank and twang you'd expect.  We have included as many photos as we could of the instrument, including some of the internals, so please see those regarding condition.  The decription below explains some of the more noticable cosmetic wear.  We'd be happy to set up a Facetime/Zoom call if you wanted to see the guitar in person.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

Serial # - 241398

Weight - 7lbs 1oz

Condition: For a guitar this old, it is in excellent condition.  There are some small dings and scratches throughout, but the Nitro finish hasn't really checked much.  There are 2 larger dings/scrapes on the underside of the bottom horn and by the input jack that have gone through the finish to the wood.  Inside the lower horn and on the back are where you see the most checking.  A decent amount of fret wear/divets in the frets mostly located within the first 7 frets.  There's a decent amount of wear on the maple fretboard, mostly located in the first 12 frets.  Light patina on the hardware.

Set up: The guitar has been set up for 11-49 strings with standard action.  The truss rod is tight with little room to add relief.  It plays nice and even all the way up the neck with minimal/ no buzzing.  

Modifications: Newer production brass saddles installed, but the originals are included.  The volume pot is a replacement from the '90s.  The guitar was refretted professionally during the early '90s as well and the nut is non-original.  

Measurements / Specifications:

  • Date on Neck - 3 May 68
  • Radius - 7.25"
  • Nut Width - 1.614"
  • Neck Meaurements - .808 (1st), .885 (7th), .920 (12th)
  • Volume pot date - 1966
  • String Gauge - 11-49
  • Action Height - 4/64ths (treble), 5/64ths (bass)
  • Ash Body
  • Nitro Finish

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