Friedman Small Box 50w 1x12 Combo - Used


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Friedman Small Box 50w 1x12 Combo - Used

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Here we have a killer Friedman Small Box 1x12 combo.  It's in fantastic shape and sounds incredible! Some of our absolute favorite Plexi-style amps.  Please let us know if you have any questions!

Condition: Excellent.  No major rips or tears in the grill or tolex.  Everything works as it should.

From Friedman:

Dave Friedman’s Small Box 50 Watt 1×12″ Combo was designed for guitarists that want the classic tones reminiscent of great vintage plexis as well as Friedman’s more modern high gain offerings. The Small Box combo features two channels, the first giving you those classic plexi tones that clean up nicely with just a twist of the guitar’s volume knob. It goes from clean to crunch to that full-blown plexi roar. The second channel features the modern high gain tone on which Friedman has built his reputation. This hand crafted in the USA combo features beautiful Tolex encasing tongue and groove Baltic Birch construction built to withstand the rigors of the road.

At the heart of the Small Box combo is a 16 ohm, 12” Celestion G12H Redback speaker (150w) which delivers the bass, mid response and signature sound you would expect from a Friedman amp. The Small Box combo was designed to take pedals and loves boosts, OD’s, phasers, flangers, tremolos and wahs, while the brand new ultra-transparent series effects loop handles your time-based effects pedals and rack units. The Friedman Small Box delivers all of these remarkable features into a mind-blowing 50-watt 1×12″ combo package.

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