LPD Pedals Cascade Reverb Pedal


LPD Pedals Cascade Reverb Pedal

Midwood Guitar Studio is a proud dealer of LPD Pedals!

From LPD:

The LPD Cascade is a plate based reverb. The four controls - Level, Decay, Pre-Delay and Tone allow you to dial in a great reverb for any occasion without becoming burdensome. From short & bright to perpetual & dark and everything in between, the Cascade will have you swooning over it’s lush immersive sounds.

  • Dimensions - 4.75” x 2.75” x 2.3”
  • Level - the amount of reverb mixed with the dry signal
  • Decay - the length of the reverb tail, emulates the size of the space
  • Pre-Delay - controls how long between the initial note and when the reverb starts
  • Tone - controls the brightness of the reverb
  • 9 volt DC center negative 150mA operation
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