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McPherson Carbon Touring Travel Guitar Honeycomb

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Product Description

Music can take you places, so why not return the favor? If your an outdoors person or travel for work, then you’ve probably found yourself in a situation (be it on top of a waterfall or in a windowless hotel room) where you could’ve made good use of a quality instrument. Alas, slices of tone-wood are relatively sensitive to the elements, and out of concern for its well-being (or a lack of space), you elected to leave your prized six-string behind. Who knows what songs remained undiscovered in the bush? Music most likely began when an ancestor of ours decided to whittle away some time imitating bird calls on a bone flute, and I must say that I’m very grateful he or she decided to bring it along.

This is where the Carbon Touring guitar comes in. It’s ¾ the size of a typical guitar and you could paddle a canoe with it. Best of all, it sounds terrific. Using the same technology that made their wooden instruments synonymous with innovation and elegance, McPherson has crafted a carbon fiber steel-string that resonates with remarkable depth and sensitivity. They may not be the first to employ such material as a tone-wood, but their approach to bracing and sound-board design truly proves a boon in the quest to authentically voice synthetic material. You can feel the fullness of vibration with every strum.

It may look sleek and tough, but it plays like gravy. There is a startling precision to each note that will ensure you spend as much time listening as you do picking. Like any great instrument, it knows how to hold a conversation as well as take direction.

Plugged in, it can hold its own against guitars three times its size, so don’t be shy taking it to the local open mic. If you’re used to the best, which often entails extensive travel, then why not pick up a guitar that’s up to the challenges of the road? McPherson has made us the perfect sidekick.


It’s amazing that in our quest for ultimate resonance and sustain, we found inspiration in the most enduring element on earth. It’s no accident. Engineering and musical attributes combine to create a force of nature.

The durability of the material translates to powerful, yet intricate acoustic tone. From finger-style to strumming, and everywhere in between, these guitars can do it all.

The body, neck, bridge, fretboard, and bracing is made fully of carbon fiber, with a proprietary blend used on the back and sides. This guitar can be played with or without electronics, and can be used with most standard pickups.

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