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McPherson MG 3.5XP Adirondack Spruce and East Indian Rosewood

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Product Description


This guitar is a postmodern OM-28. Like the great Martin instruments, it sports Adirondack Spruce and beautifully striped Rosewood back and sides, but being a McPherson, the design has been interpreted very differently. The powerful, clean Red Spruce top is placed and braced with the maximum degree of responsiveness in mind. Drop a marshmallow on it and it might bounce out the window. The back and sides have similarly been set up to ensure that not a drop of potential harmonic responsiveness is lost as they reflect the vibration of the top. The sound is lush, but focused and clear.

The relatively shallow depth increases the presence while tempering the bass response. This guitar is rich in every register without being overloaded by any one in particular. The trebles shave you clean and the bass wraps your face like a warm, wet towel. There’s some movement in the overtones, but it’s not as dramatic as with some of the deeper McPherson models, making this a better choice if velocity is a big part of your aesthetic as a picker. We all love overtones, but they’ll fall on deaf ears if you rarely stop for a breath, and they may even get in the way!

The guitar is as easy on the hands and shoulders as it is the eyes. The soft V neck profile guides the thumb of your left hand without proving overly demanding. The three provided saddles allow players to alter the string height without comprising the setup, ensuring that each string will ring out clear even when close to the board. The appointments are subtle and all class. The gold tuners and Koa binding flater the tonewoods.



  • MG 3.5XP Adirondack Spruce & East Indian Rosewood
  • 3.5 Deep Body
  • XP Soundhole
  • African Mahogany Neck
  • Ebony Fretboard
  • Ebony Headcap
  • Grafted Spruce/Rosewood/Spruce Full Brace kit
  • Koa Binding
  • Gold Schaller Tuners
  • Nickel Frets
  • Baggs Element with VTC