Mythos Pedals Positron Cascading Amplifier Distortion Pedal

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Mythos Pedals Positron Cascading Amplifier Distortion Pedal

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From Mythos:

The Positron is our take on the Ram’s Head style BMP circuit only with independent Treble and Bass controls. This gives you a HUGE range of sounds and character that most fuzzes like this cannot achieve. In addition to the Treble/Bass controls we’ve added a switch labeled LOUD! When in the down position the circuit changes from traditional BMP style fuzz to that of a Supa Bender Fuzz circuit. This variant of the BMP circuit changes the circuits clipping to produce a fuzzy but louder more responsive tone.

We feel like the tweaks we’ve done make this one of the most fun takes on this circuit. The homage to classic Ghostbusters is still there, just less in your face.

Pedal Type:
Distortion & Overdrive

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