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Pearlman TM-2 Tube Microphone

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Our Price: $1,050.00

Product Description

The Pearlman TM-2 may be the most affordable microphone in Dave Pearlman's catalog, but it's no second class citizen and you won't be disappointed by its sound or presentation. Dave builds these mics by hand (these aren't built by a contract manufacturing factory in China like so many other mics of this price point), and that attention to detail shows up when you hold one of his mics. The TM2 is lush and full - ideal for lead vocals, but also a great choice for instruments that you want to add magic to!


a Hand-Built, USA Made Tube Mic at a Made-in-China Price

The PEARLMAN TM-2 is the answer to the many requests to offer a smaller, more affordable version of the TM-1. The mic is build around a military spec 6AK5 (EF95) pentode and uses the same basic point to point circuit as the TM-1 with a few small differences. The TM-2 uses a 32mm American made capsule and comes with all the same “case candy” as all the PEARLMAN mics; power supply, shockmount, hand made cable and aluminum carrying case. The TM-2 was designed to fit around a drum set and into small spaces and is a great tool in the studio for acoustic instruments as well as for recording vocals. Organically grown.

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