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Pearlman TM-47 Microphone

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Product Description

The Pearlman TM47 shares a lot with the classic U47 that it's named after - it has a HUGE, rich, though not bloated low end and the forward midrange that has helped push countless vocals naturally to the front of a mix. Sonically where the Pearlman sets itself apart from the Neumann is in the top end - most U47's we've heard have a restrained top end - enough presence to help the vocal cut, but not much in the way of air, brilliance or space around the vocaL The pearlman remedies that, and takes a blanket off the response of a classic U47 - air and breath are there (though not over-exaggerated), and you get a much better sense of space in the vocal with the TM47. It's almost like Dave Pearlman started with a U47 and pulled the roof off it, letting it breath more. It's a great tweak of a classic sound!


A U-47 Tube Microphone for the Modern Engineer

This microphone is based on the venerable U47 and is built in a body reminiscent of the classic look of the 50s and 60s. The stock TM-47 is a cardioid microphone made with the Pearlman K47 style capsule (made in Southern California), a 6SJ7 or 6AC7  tube, hand wired, point-to-point circuit with paper-in-oil output capacitor, and the Pearlman BV8 type output transformer. All Pearlman microphones come with shockmount, Mogami cable with Neutrik connectors, USA made power supply, and aluminum carrying case. .. Gluten free.

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