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21st-century guitar pedals have developed their own language, culture, and trends. Instrument choice remains largely traditional, so players have chosen to define themselves by their pedalboards. Part of the pedal allure lies in the potential for unique combinations. Although most stomp-boxes are readily available for purchase, very few pedalboards are identical. Guitarists make careful selections based on their sonic needs, and then tailor the sequence of the guitar effects to their liking. Here at Midwood Guitar studio, we have a vast pantheon of guitar pedals by builders big and small. No matter what kind of player you are, we have the gear and knowledge to help you sound more like yourself.


We offer a wide spectrum of dirt, from subtle drive to roaring fuzz. We even have more experimental distortion pedals that will help you stand out when you’re ripping solos. For time-based effects, we’ve got classic spring sounds all the way to space-age delays (both digital and analog). We’ve got phasers, flangers, pitch-shifters, vibratos, tremolos, and all sorts of modulators. We also have more practical pedals like top-tier power supplies, attenuators, compressors, and amp/cab simulators. We’re proud to carry some of the most respected brands in the industry such as Strymon, JHS, Mythos, and Jam, and we’re always well-stocked.


If you’ve got a sound stuck in your head, but you're already wed to a guitar and amp, a new pedal is the way to go. It can serve as a portal to instant inspiration, or help you refine what you’ve already got going on. Furthermore, we offer guitar pedals at different price points, so that every guitarist can afford a tonal makeover. Give us a call today, tell us what you’re after (specific player or record references are helpful), and chances are that we have the perfect pedal in-house and ready to ship.

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  • Catalinbread Many Worlds Phaser Pedal Catalinbread Many Worlds Phaser Pedal Catalinbread Many Worlds Phaser Pedal Catalinbread Many Worlds Phaser Pedal


    Catalinbread Many Worlds Phaser Pedal

    Catalinbread Many Worlds Phaser Pedal Midwood Guitar Studio is a proud dealer of Catalinbread pedals! From Catalinbread: The Many Worlds is an eight-stage phaser with eight selectable phase control parameters, six LFOs and two envelope-dependent phase...

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