Pettyjohn Electronics Chime V1 Overdrive - Used

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Pettyjohn Electronics Chime V1 Overdrive - Used

Here we have a used Pettyjohn Chime v1 overdrive pedal. These are truly incredible pedals and here is your chance to grab one of the first versions of this!

Includes the original box as well!

From Pettyjohn:

The Pettyjohn CHIME is the second release in the single pedal format, The Foundry Series, and it draws inspiration from the right channel of the flagship Signature overdrive, The PettyDrive. The CHIME is built with the same audiophile components as its predecessor so it retains the sweet, harmonically rich edge-of-breakup tones found in the original plus a new “Boost” knob for pushing the drive into totally new territory! The CHIME has been voiced to provide a large range of gain and tone shaping to compliment any playing style and be at home in any rig as a foundational part of a player’s sound. The CHIME transcends normal shortcomings of many overdrive pedals found on the market today, featuring a full, natural tonal range that allows your guitars tone and playing nuances to shine through while imparting sweetness, punch and depth with natural, musical harmonic presence and subtle natural compression often associated with cranked British style amps. Huge internal headroom and carefully selected parts contribute to an open tone with less harsh in-harmonic distortion artifacts then your average overdrive pedal. At times, you may even forget you have a pedal on as the sweet harmonics and saturation may just become a part of your core tone that you never want to plug-in without again!


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