JAM Pedals

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Athens, Greece has a long history of cultural influence, and JAM’s pantheon of pedals all bear the emperor’s seal of approval. With retro-throwback styling, hand craftsmanship, and forward-thinking engineering, JAM pedals have managed to grace the boards of some of the most creative and venerated guitarists in the world. Nels Cline, Bill Frissell, John Scolfield, and David Hidalgo have all incorporated a JAM pedal or two into their rigs.

Offering a full range of effects that mold time and timbre, the opportunities for exploration are endless. These vintage-inspired sounds are rendered with state-of-the-art clarity and transparency, making them as flexible as they are lush.


About JAM Pedals

One of the best-known JAM pedals is the Delay Llama. This powerful analog, bucket-brigade delay reconciles the best qualities of early tape echoes with the clarity and precision of the digital age. Whether you want to warm your hands around the warmth of a vintage hearth or navigate your way to outer space with a few twists of the knobs, the Delay Llama is up for the task.  The Delay Llama Xtreme packs in even more uncharted sonic potential.

The Big Muff pedal has consistently been placed on a pedestal in rock & roll history, but few truly understand what made the great units tick, click, and roar. JAM demonstrates their intimate knowledge of this iconic pedal’s evolving circuitry with their homage to the “71 triangle” and “red army/civil war” muffs, the Red Muck MK. 2. The Red Muck is not only massive, it is one of the most adaptable and nuanced fuzz boxes ever produced. The built-in boost and symmetrical/asymmetrical clipping options allow you to dial in everything from sweet, flexing sustain to frothing, sputtering saturation. 

In addition to their individual pedals, JAM is happy to create one-of-a-kind, custom combinations of any of their circuits. You could have all your favorite JAM pedals housed in one box with an original design! They also have a “chef’s choice” multi-pedal called the Pink Flow, which could easily replace a whole pedalboard. We are thrilled to be carrying JAM pedals at Midwood Guitar Studio. Give us a call today and we’ll hook you up with the best tones the world has on tap.