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Cioks power supplies are highly-regarded in the guitar effects world and are known for their high-quality products and cutting-edge design. As the first and only company in the world to specialize in high-quality power supplies for guitar pedals, Cioks power supplies can handle whatever you throw at them. Cioks come in a few convenient configurations; the DC10 has 10 regulated and well-filtered DC outlets, the DC7 features 7 isolated DC-outlets, and so on.

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About Cioks Power Supplies

Pedal culture has literally spawned whole new genres of music, but in the early days, reconciling the diverse power requirements needed to assemble a board proved a daunting task. Thankfully, Paul Ciok of Denmark has been tending to this issue since 1991. Ciok power supplies are built for every level of guitarist, from beginners with small boards, to touring professionals with arsenals of unique and vintage stompboxes. 

Slim profiles, selectable voltage controls, universal mains inputs, and well-isolated outputs are just a few of the key features offered on Ciok power supplies. Also, part of their job is to accommodate the demands of popular pedals, so their designs cater to all the popular, new lines. They have even collaborated with Eventide! 

The electric revolution could never have happened without power, but companies that specialize in this essential ingredient are few and far between. We love our boards here at Midwood guitar studio, and we want to power them with the best gear available. Give us a call and let’s discuss the best Ciok for your rig!