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Everyone ought to get really good at something and Nick Greer of Greer Amps is one of the best pedal designers-builders in the world. Having a diverse skill set can take you far, but there’s something magical about being a master of one. It distinguishes you as a living fountain of wisdom, a master on the mountain. Not many people have the discipline for granular attention to detail, so when when someone like Nick Greer comes along, it’s best to just let them do their thing, and reap the benefits. For Greer, that thing is distortion.

Dirt, drive, overdrive, fuzz, gain. . .there are many words for the sonic phenomenon that occurs when vintage tube technology is pushed to its limits. Greer Amps manage to reconcile some of the most iconic tones throughout music history, while still sounding like themselves. Whether it’s subtlety or insanity that you’re looking for, Greer offers that particular shade of distortion with a dimensionality that you’ve never heard before.

For those who simply crave a little more power behind their already perfected tone, theLightspeed Organic Overdrive is sure to satisfy. This organic, transparent, highly responsivepedal seamlessly integrates with any rig, and lets you sprinkle on that last dash of salt thatcompletes the meal. 

One of Greer’s most popular pedals is one that draws from a specific era of Rock & amp; Roll history. The Soma 63 Vintage Preamp nails the sound and feel of an early 60s brownface California Fender amp, right down to the 10” vintage Utah speakers. Whether you’re looking a new voice all the time, or the right kind of vintage dirt some of the time, the Soma deserves your attention. On the distortion spectrum, fuzz is where the needle pierces dark red. The Tarpit Fuzz is Greer’s latest addition to their roster, and it is a simply massive pedal. From warm and fuzzy to searing, stinging sustain, this one boasts a wide range of heavy, primordial tones.

In addition to distortion pedals, Greer also builds incredible amplifiers (Thunderbolt 30 andMini Chief) and a wonderful delay (Black Tiger Delay Device). We’re very enthusiastic aboutGreer pedals and would love to talk with you about which one belongs on your board. Give us a call or shoot us an email today!

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