Mojo Hand FX

Mojo Hand is one of the first boutique pedal brands to emerge in the early 21st century. Originally called Tone Factor, the company was founded in 2003 by a builder named Brad Fee. When he started a retail website, however, he elected to lose the Tone Factor name and re-dubbed his line Mojo Hand. Today, Mojo Hand FX is owned by Jon Cusack of Cusack Music pedals.

About Mojo Hand FX

Every electric guitarist needs a good dirt box, and the best ones tend to achieve mythical status among connoisseurs. That said, every player is different, so Mojo Hand imbued their Sacred Cow with a high degree of flexibility. This overdrive adds a 2-way tone toggle to the traditional tone, gain, and volume knobs. It also features vintage-style symmetrical germanium clipping and an internal charge pump for additional headroom. This beast can get wild, but it still heeds your commands.

Since the Stone Age, mankind has been smitten with echo, and Mojo Hand has a brilliant nuclear family’s worth of models that capture this magic in pedal form. The most natural is the Park Theater, which allows you to tailor the dimensions of a digital concert hall. The Dewdrop offers a classic Spring sound, while the RVT recreates the Reverb, Vibrato, and Tremolo circuits found on classic 60s Gibson combo amps. Finally, the Dream Mender is a love letter to vintage Memory Man delays with modern efficiency.

Mojo Hand also has plenty of weird and wonderful pedals steeped in sonic history. The One Tone Bee was inspired by the mysterious fuzz unit featured on the Ventures track, “The 2,000 Pound Bee”. The Mr. O embraces the unique character of an early 70s phase shifter, while the Little Wonder envelope filter is packed with funky quacks. Mojo Hand does an exceptional job at picking and choosing tones from the playbook Rock & Roll, and we’re delighted to be one of their newest dealers!