Native Audio

Founder of Native Audio Pedals, Mike Trombley, creates stompboxes that manifest his unique sonic vision while celebrating his Blackfeet tribal heritage. The folklore that inspires the art on each model also informs its timbral palette. Highly intuitive, always musical, and effortlessly magical, Native Audio Pedals are a welcome addition to Midwood Guitar Studio. 

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About Native Audio

Although digital, The Wilderness V1.5 delay pedal has a decidedly analog voice. Its warm, tape-inspired modulations are sweet and comforting. Like the buffalo that aided the two lost children in the Blackfeet story that inspired the model name, this pedal will deliver you to a better place. 

The Midnight phaser pays tribute to Trombley’s late father with a purple tepee, a traditional symbol of protection. With tap tempo and a rotary-themed ramp mode, it’s easy to find a sound to suit any sensibility. This analog, JFET-based pedal features handpicked transistors, and is one of the best vintage-voiced phasers that we’ve ever heard. 

It’s easy to find a good overdrive, but the Kiaayo is a truly great one. Like the mythological bear that inspired the artwork, this pedal can get fierce, but the pre-gain low-pass filter ensures that it’s roar is always smooth and musical. Also, dynamic-asymmetric clipping gives it a natural, amp-like response. This box puts hair on your tone without compromising articulation or clarity. 

The Ghost Ridge pedal lets your guitar bounce around a moonlit canyon. This supernatural reverb features room, hall, plate, and spring modes with modulation available for each one. Owing its name to a Blackfeet burial site, this stomp box is a small portal to the other side.

The Rising Sun Tremolo is the biggest thing on the horizon. By combining vintage analog tone with digital flexibility, Native Audio has produced a pedal as immersive as a Leslie speaker. Tap tempo with multiple subdivisions, ramp mode, and a highly responsive depth knob make it easy to adjust to any room or tune.