Swart Antares Master 1x12 Small Box Combo - Fawn/Diamond


Swart Antares Master 1x12 Small Box Combo - Fawn/Diamond

The new Antares Master now available from Swart!

Here we have an incredible Swart Antares Master in a super cool small box combo! This amp takes Swart's favorite qualities from the MOD84 and mixes it with some of his favorite takes from the AST. It's like no other Swart they offer! It's more than an 18w AST on steroids, more than an AST with top mounted controls. It's the Swart Magic worked on twin, push-pull 6V6 with a bit bigger reverb, deeper bottom-end foundation, with a new custom output transformer borrowed from the MOD84 Lineage. It has our killer three-way EQ ala STR-Tremolo, our single-ended favorite. Toss in the AST's all time favorite, über sweet tube bias tremolo and you have the makings of an addiction.  We're super excited about this amp and can't express how awesome it sounds. Please let us know if you have any questions!



  • Speaker - Celestion Creamback 75
  • EQ - Three position EQ switch, full boost, neutral EQ, low cut
  • Volume - Controls the loudness and breakup of the amp
  • Tone - Simple treble cut circuit
  • Space - Reverb level
  • Speed - Speed of tremolo
  • Depth - Strength of Tremolo
  • Master - Controls the overall volume of the amp
  • Two button foot switch - Reverb/tremolo on and off
  • Cathode Bias 

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