Taylor 615e Jumbo - Spruce/Maple - 1988


Taylor 615e Jumbo - Spruce/Maple - 1988

*Consignment, no trades please!

Here we have a very cool Taylor 615 from 1988!  This is one of the oldest Taylors we've had here at our shop and boy does it sound great!  It has a nice dry sound to it and it is quite loud and punchy.  The Maple back and sides are gorgeous. Given it's age there are some cosmetic flaws (see below).  You don't really see too many of these older Taylors these days, this one is a great collectors piece! The hard shell case is included.  Please let us know if you have any questions!

Condition: Good.  Some deeper scratches on the top and some small finish cracks as well.  The back has light scratches from use.  The frets are in pretty good shape with a few small divots here and there.  

Set up: Unfortunately, the saddle is extremely low and the guitar probably needs a neck reset.  The action at the 12th fret currently sits at 8/64th on the bass side and 6/64ths on the treble.  It's definitely high, but playing cowboy chords actually isn't bad.  Moving up the neck the action definitely gets higher.  Because of the saddle condition, there isn't much we can do setup wise unfortunately.  

Modifications: There is a passive pickup installed, most likely a K&K.

Serial # - 6212

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